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Thriller Author, Freelance Writer

Gina Fava

GOLD Medal Winner for

Best Mystery/Thriller Ebook 

- 2015 Indie Book Awards


"Gina Fava provides a fresh voice in a genre that can be predictable. Fava takes the reader on a ride so fast and twisted that you will be dizzy trying to figure out who to trust. You will be riveted to the page as you discover along with Mara that everything she thought was true is a lie. Come along as she races to uncover the truth before she becomes the Sculptor's next victim. Gina Fava has a winner on her hands with The Sculptor."

- Suspense Magazine


"From the opening attack in the Italian Alps to the final chilling twist in the dark streets of Rome, Gina Fava's The Sculptor carries the reader on a harrowing journey of nonstop action, with vivid settings, sympathetic characters, and a serial killer to die for. Highly recommended."

- Douglas Preston, #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Monster of Florence

"The Sculptor is a unique front-to-back thrill ride worthy of our primal senses. Fava's vast knowledge of the setting clearly shines through, and her desire to deliver a robust thriller for lovers of the genre has certainly come to fruition." 

- Rob Watts, author of the Crooked Road Through Cedar Grove mystery series

"Evil stalks the streets of Rome. A serial killer searches for his next victim amidst the ancient ruins and modern wonders. A smart, resilient, resourceful young woman crosses his path. The Sculptor is a page-turning, spine-tingling heart-stopper that will keep you up all night. And when dawn comes and you turn the last page, you will agree that Gina Fava is one of the rising young stars of the thriller genre."

- William Martin, New York Times bestselling author of Back Bay and The Lincoln Letter

"Fava has chiseled another fast-paced thriller featuring beautifully rendered settings. I loved courageous heroine Mara Silvestri, and the rich cast of suspects kept me guessing right up until the hold-your-breath climax. An excellent read!"

- Steve Ulfelder, Edgar-nominated author of Wolverine Bros. Freight & Storage

"The Sculptor's an intimate, suspenseful, at times creepy but always gripping, mystery tale. Just when I thought that I'd figured out the bad guy, Fava threw me a curve, and then another, until I reached the shocking, satisfying conclusion."

- JH Bogran, author of Firefall and Treasure Hunt

Does art imitate life or does life imitate art, when imitation is the sincerest form of flattery?


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The Sculptor

>Synopsis of THE SCULPTOR 

Rome's serial killer has a way with the ladies...first he wines and dines them, then he carves and plasters them - alive. Preying on the brilliant, voluptuous grad students of Rome's universities, the Sculptor excises and molds their finest features for his personal gallery of adulation.

The Sculptor, Italy's most notorious serial killer since The Monster of Florence, has confounded Rome's police force. Their slew of suspects is growing as fast as their list of victims.

Mara Silvestri is a saucy female grad student seeking to shed her past. When she discovers that the Sculptor is stalking her in a twisted game of cat and mouse, she becomes wary of her relationships with fellow students, art professors, her business mentor, and Jesse, a sexy lothario and mysterious colleague.

Barely thwarting the Sculptor's attacks in Rome, Venice, Tuscany, and the Swiss Alps, Mara uncovers the family secrets in her past that draw him to her. Can Mara turn the tables on the Sculptor before he finally claims her as his prized masterpiece?