The Race: A HELL Ranger Thriller is Copyright  © Gina Fava  |  All Rights Reserved, including the right to reproduce this text, or any portion thereof, in any form. The Race is available from Steepo Press. Warning! This novel contains profanity and graphic violence.

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Gina Fava

>Excerpt of THE RACE

[After chasing down two suspicious characters packing Russian Marakovs through the streets of Rome, Formula One racing champion and covert HELL Ranger Devlin Lucchesi, and his best friend, Lupo, have just extracted from them intel of a possible terror threat to Rome's railway station, where Devlin's pregnant wife awaits a train.]

Devlin and Lupo arrived atop the square on Via Marche hill, in full view of the sprawling railway station. They paused to let a group of nuns cross the street. Bells tolled from a nearby church.

Sitting atop his idling scooter, Devlin glanced toward a statue of the Caesar warrior, Marcus Agrippa, which guarded the square. A dark, bearded man leaned beside it, chomping on a candy bar, clutching the immense statue around its waist. He too gazed down at the train station at the base of the rise. The man turned and peered back at Devlin.

Devlin gasped. The man had a long scar that trickled down his face, from his eye down to his beard. I feel like he's looking right through me. Almost like a gypsy...

The man continued to stare at him.

Why does he seem so familiar?

The nuns passed, cleared Devlin's path, and he dismissed the scarred man from his thoughts. He and Lupo raced their Vespas toward the station that loomed nearly 500 feet down the hill. Suddenly Devlin's eyes widened in astonishment. Why does the building look like it's...expanding?

Devlin forgot about the gypsy. And everything else.

The world as Devlin Lucchesi knew it changed forever, right before his eyes...